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Cross Type Combined Conductors

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The mainly used for the coil of large capacity and high voltage transformers.
口 Replace the multi-pieces winding of CTC, simplifying the winding process for the transformer
口 Decrease the number of oil duct, reduce the manufacturing cost by shrinking the volume of transformer
口 Reduce eddy current loss due to the smaller cross section of single wire
Cross type combined conductor was achieved by arrangement of top-down direction by multiple stands of axial combined conductors to process rational combination, and then unifiedly package public insulation, or arrangement of left-right direction by multiple stands of rational combined conductors to process axial combination, and then unifiedly package public insulation.
The product can replace winding of many wires; decreasing oil channel; simplify the technique of winding process; reduce the volume of transformer; saving cost; due to the decrease of sectional area of single wire, the eddy losses can be reduced; simplify the technique of winding process.
The products are used in the windings of various oil-immersed transformers, reactors and other electrical equipments.
The main technical indicators
Number of combined conductor: 4 - 8
Single wire dimension of radial combined conductor (mm): “a” side 1.12 – 3.35; “b” side 6.30 -23.00
Single wire dimension of axial combined conductor (mm): “a” side 3.00 -6.00; “b” side 4.00-8.00
Dimension of combined conductor (mm): W≤30.00;H≤15.00。
Type of insulation: various insulated papers
Mode of paper-wrap: overlapping winding, interstitial winding, interlock winding and so on, can be negotiated.
Resistivity ρ20 (Ω·mm2/m) :≤0.017241.
Proof strength of non-proportional  Rp0.2(MPa):80-200. (above 100 MPa is semi-hard wire, suggest do not over 160MPa)
Exceed above requirements, make mutual agreements by supplier and demander.
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