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87-Strands CTC

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口 Replace the multi-pieces winding of CTC, simplifying the winding process for the transformer.
口 Strenghen the mechanical strength of the coil, increase the short circuit resistance capacity of the transformer.
口 Decrease eddy current loss due to the small thickness of single wire.
口 Reduce transformer size and lower the cost.
Paper Insulated Acetal Enameled CTC
It is two columns those contacted in broadside based on a certain number of acetal enameled rectangular copper wire. The wire is made by doing a transposition of the same turn that along the narrow surface on above and below of two columns of enameled wire, and use electrical insulated paper to do a multilayer winding.
Using CTC instead of conductor that with single bigger sectional area to winding can simplify the winding process and decrease the thickness of sectional area of conductor, as a result, the eddy losses can be reduced.
As the insulation between associated conductors of CTC is thinner, the winding space can be decreased than adopting common insulated conductor, as a consequence, the use ratio of space of wire is increased.
To winding by adopting CTC , do not need to transpose, convenient winding process, and save time.
The product widely used in large windings of oil-immersed transformers and reactors.
Paper Insulated Epoxy Acetal Enameled CTC
The difference between paper insulated epoxy acetal enameled CTC and paper insulated acetal enameled CTC is, the epoxy enameled rectangular copper wire coatings epoxy paint that uses epoxy resin as the major element base on the acetal enameled rectangular copper wire, the epoxy resin occurs reaction during the drying process after windings is made, so that single conductor are bonded together.
Paper insulated epoxy acetal enameled CTC in addition to the advantages of paper insulated acetal enameled CTC, due to the use of epoxy acetal enameled wire, during dry heating process, the enameled rectangular wires can become of mutual adhesion to form a more rigid winding, bear greater bending stress, prevent block oil duct because of inside slide and expansion of winding conductor, to the benefit of refrigeration of winding, and improve the reliability of transformer operation. Meanwhile, it can improve ability of anti-short circuit of transformer because of the increase in mechanical properties.
The product can widely use in winding of large oil-immersed transformer and reactor.
Main technique indicators of Paper insulated epoxy/acetal enameled CTC
Number of core of cable: 5-87
Specification of enameled rectangular wire (mm): “a” side 0.90-3.50; “b” side 3.35-14.00. In order to ensure the winding technique of conductor, for CTC that made by over 55 wires, suggest “a” side 1.30~1.70mm, “b” side 5.3~7.5mm and use semi-hard conductor.
Width and thickness ratio of enameled rectangular wire: b/a≤7
Dimension of core of CTC (mm): W1≤28 ;H1≤90。
Depth-width ratio of CTC: ≤6。
Film thickness of acetal enameled wire (mm): Normally is 0.09-0.13. (Can base on requirements of customer)
Film thickness of epoxy enameled wire (mm): based on requirements of customer. Usually acetal layer is 0.08-0.10 and thickness of epoxy layer is 0.03-0.05 when the customer does not have requirements.
Type of insulation: various insulated paper, net belt, binding rope and so on.
Mode of paper-wrap: overlapping winding, interstitial winding, interlock winding and so on, can be negotiated.
Thickness of netting-wrap (mm): 0.28; 0.40; (Base on the customer requirements to product if the customer has).
Pitch of transposition (mm): the pitch of transposition “S” should not over π/n times of smallest diameter of winding “Dmin”, it means S≤π/n×Dmin, usually 8b≤S≤18b, the pitch of transposition is allowed to be smaller than 8b in special circumstance with mutual agreement.
Adhesive strength (120℃24h ,MPa):≥ 5.
Resistivity ρ20 (Ω·mm2/m) :≤0.017241
Proof strength of non-proportional Rp0.2(MPa):80-280。(above 100 MPa is semi-hard wire)
Exceed above requirements, make mutual agreements by supplier and demander.
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